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welcome readers,

I am Squinty eye dog a loner artist trying to grow my artist brand. I write  comics and draw stories that have an anime inspired feel. I love a good action comic like the old fashioned DBZ but also the beauty and romace of a magical girl, or splice of life story. These influences make their way into my art style and influence my story structure.

I am currently working on my comic book and re inventing some of my stories from high school. look forward to updates in my comic process and current projects that I am working on. Read our blog for more on our weekly content. updated every saturday. Please share or like our posts too! It really helps to know that others really like what we are posting. 


Squinty eye dog (SED) 

the Shanghai Gang

My past titles are currently hosted through smack updates coming soon.



coming soon… this title is a work in progress.

Misadventures of Squinty Eye Dog

read more about this developing story within my creators blog.

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