The start of drawing again-again…

Dear readers,

Sometimes I feel like I’m not qualified to call myself an artist. I don’t make money from my craft, I don’t participate in any groups, and I don’t circulate my work publicly. Currently I’m trying to re-enter college at Fullsail online as I work a retail job part time. Working retail sometimes saps my drive to be anything else, I must force myself to be what I want to be and that is: an artist of comics, illustrator, and game artist/ character artist. 

On Tuesday of this past week I spoke on the phone with a fellow artist that I lost touch with; Cedric whom is a high school of art and design friend that also was big on becoming an  Animator.  Cedric told me of how he was tackling getting back into the swing of things by drawing anything as long as it was for one hour each day. Talking with my old friend inspired me to try again for the fourth time by following his example. 

2013 sketch
This sketch I did in 2013
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This is me practicing inking again in my sketch pad

So I’m starting small: one hour of drawing everyday and post something on my facebook page. I want to put myself out there and regain the sense of community that was lost for so long. If I want to be a professional artist I need to put my work out there and lay my talent and life on the line. Every Friday going forward I will post a blog not on my progress as an artist. This is only the first week; so far so good as they say. 

Still trying, 

The Squinty eye dog

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