what inspires me these days…

dear reader,

There was a time when I didn’t need much to inspire me to draw something. During those times when I was a young artist, all it took was a little music a pen and pencil, or a fellow rival artist to kick me in the ego. I think I have become a tad complacent as I have matured. Drawing now needs to be about money not love, inspiration, or desire. In my previous post I lamented a conversation I had with an old high school colleague; since then I have been following their example by making an effort to post one drawing no matter how trivial on my social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and Tumblr. I want to show my audience that I am still making an effort to start this comic book company I dreamed of since I was young.

Jumping back into the groove of drawing comics is proving to be hard for me. I need to rediscover what inspired me to draw comics first and foremost. I also want to remember the process for creating a comic and pick one or two titles to market from the many ideas I have already created.

Lets start with what used to inspire me. As a youth I watched a lot of television. Many people think that I always watched Anime (since it is my chosen art style), but I started with good old fashioned Warner Brothers classics like bugs bunny and daffy duck. Many of the art work from my old as hell art books – some of which I still have – detail animals in super hero comics. I loved the magic of Walt Disney studios and some of their after school cartoon shows like darkling duck, and rescue rangers. I was a huge fan of sonic the hedge hog, street fighter and other Nintendo and Sega genesis characters. These influenced a great many of my comic ideas as a kid. I wanted to become an animator back then…

Now things that inspire me are similar and different all at the same time.

As an adult I have to work a job and make a living currently working a job has eaten up most of my time; as such I can’t seem to remember those things that used to inspire me. In the last couple of months I needed to rediscover those things that inspired me in the past, but I also have gained new influences along the way. My current inspirations include a great many characters from various 3D animations and video games. The Final Fantasy series continues to digitally inspire me.

Pixar animation studios has inspired me time and time again and has inspired me to pursue the skills of a 3D animator through Full Sail University.  I am currently in the beginning stages of learning those techniques . You can follow my student portfolio blog for updates on my 3D projects.

see you next friday,

Squinty eye dog

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