The mis adventures of Squinty Eye Dog

Our story starts with a college graduate named squinty Eye who starts his internship at a questionable newsroom and print company. These are his mis adventures …

Page one: line art

this is the first page of our story: low town heights is the main scene. I want to convey how ghetto this brownstone is. It’s a little hard for me to get everything I want in these scenes because I want to move forward to the meat and potatoes of this story…

Now we meet Squinty’s shabby guide. Although as you can see, squinty is taking him entirely by face value under estimating his character. The city and the whole world that this story takes place in is modeled after NYC and neighborhoods of similar taste. I grew up in these kinds of hoods and still in many ways still do. I wanted Squinty’s story to be reminiscent of an artist just starting out in the cruelest environments around. As I am still trying to break into the market myself , am reflecting loosely of my experiences vicariously portrayed through Squinty.

I am still working on this title. I am currently using an app called comic draw for the IPAD Pro 2018. I love the new stylus ( Apple Pencil version 2). I recently upgraded and I hope to post an artist review of the IPAD Pro 2018 before the new year. I like using the comic draw app because it allows me to write my script and draw my story side by side. The full app doses cost some money to download but I highly recommend the purchase if your serious about drawing digital comics. For me it is a slow start to transition fully to digital because I grew up during a time of comic sheets and physical art supplies. Which I still love. My current work flow is a mesh of both. This story however is one I want to tell and create entirely digital.

I hope that you all will stay tuned as I hope to build upon this story and even digitally ink these pages. I hope to keep you all posted. Please like, follow and share this post with your friends. I hope to have my first give away when I reach 300 followers on our facebook page and instagram.

Until next time…

Sketch ya later,

Squinty Andrea

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