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Balancing work with work is a taller task than one blog post could possibly encompass. Those whom have read any of my previous blog posts would know that I have a regular retail job. The only update to this story is that I have been promoted to full-time. What this means for me as a creative is that I have to work 40 hours a week and then I have to find the time to create the rest of the time.

Treat your craft as a business

I still have not found that sweet spot. In this post I want to share my new habits for being productive in both. Firstly as an artist I need to note: if this is something you want to do, you must approach it like a  business.

A little advise from a starving artist:

  • Be professional: give any client realistic deadlines and make sure your getting paid a fair or reasonable rate. you might need to comprise a little in the beginning to build yourself up but always be professional to any potential client. I personally lost face with a client recently by not being more upfront about the deadlines and my pricing.
  • Deposits: this relates to my story within the previous passage. I should have taken a deposit and now I am still waiting on payment two months after delivering the project to the client. I regret not taking that deposit and not waiting to give that full project to that client before I had received my payment. save your self the frustration and learn from my my mistake!
  • Never delivery final version of the project before payment is given: Again I can’t stress this enough. When you have that deposit the customer is committing to the project, but never give that final draft until that payment has been confirmed. I am still waiting for payment on the pre-mentioned project, don’t live in regret, have a plan and stick to it! Don’t do any favors for old friends or family, if your forthright with your goals as an artist you will be naturally professional and business like.

Redirecting my focus

In my regular retail job my schedule is very rigorous and there is no predictability with in my work life. I am currently figuring out where I have time to do the things I am passionate about. I love art and fashion and I have created two blogs for these interests. I am fortunate enough to know my schedule at my retail job three weeks in advance. knowing retail job’s schedule allows me to know where my free time lies. I have started journaling in a note book just dumping my thoughts onto a page has helped my mental health immensely. Journaling has also helped me to see where I want my focuses to be.

Refocusing on my personal time has also put into perspective my retail job and my responsibilities toward that job. I wake up two hours before any shift to work on myself and things that interest me as an artist. during these two hours I focus on things that promote self growth/ improvement. I chose from any of the following activities aside from the normal wake up responsibilities such as shower and get dressed.

pre work routines include any of the following:

  • reading stories online no more that one half hour of social media
  •  Read books
  • watch the daily news (but I don’t have traditional cable)
  • watch you tube: self help channels: artists; creatives; news
  • writing my own stories /  light blogging drafts (topics and ideas)
  • meditating/ stretching/ or relaxing
  • learning a language 20 mins a day.

Finding balance

Every day is a challenge, everyday is a chance to try something a little differently and evolve. I am currently working on reorganizing my personal life and my work life and my creative life. Journaling is helping me set weekly goals and quarterly goals. This weeks main project is creating a youtube channel and video blogging twice per month. My weekly goals are posting here Friday or Saturdays and sticking with it no matter the topic. Hopefully you all enjoy reading about my struggles as a starving artist perhaps some small part of my story resonates with you. If it does please like and subscribe to my blog posts, follow us on social media on our home page, and share this blog with your friends!

until next time…

sketch ya later,

Squinty Andrea

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