Illustrating a banner pt 1

Hello friends,

Welcome back! This post is a little later than my advertised post date-sorry about that. I had a hard time figuring out what project I wanted to work on and share with you all this week.

This week I wanted to share an illustration I am currently working on which I wanted to use in my work space and maybe as a banner for my webpage. This project is reminiscent of my days in primary’s school: a graffiti logo for SED comics.

At the same time I am recoding a video for my you tube channel which will probably be in two parts. Episode one I hope to post this weekend Friday or Saturday my web episodes will post biweekly because editing and filming takes me some time to do alone. Stay tuned for updates regarding the SED comic channel!

Starting point

Starting this project I created a semi detailed thumbnail within my sketchbook. I like to sketch out at least two or three ideas and sleep on it to see which concept really resonates with me.

Next I need to transfer the concept onto the medium. For this step I divide the drawing into quadrants- in this case four sections. For more detailed transfers like portraits I’ve been trained to use many more quadrants.

Creating the grid

It’s important that you measure out the sections equally on each paper. In my case I am transferring an 8×11 drawing to a 11×14 Measure each side and center the cross hairs. This simple process makes it easier to recreate this drawing.

After I have successfully created my grid , I begin drawing very vaguely the general shapes one section at a time. I try not to create too many details until I have the main forms later out in each section.

When all the sections are lightly drawn I start in with the main details. I can make more prominent strokes when I start this step.

Finishing touches

When I’m am finished with all the details then begins my clean up. I take out excess sketch lines and create further detailing to finalize the drawing. Now I’m ready to to ink!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I will have more on this post for you delivered on time this week Friday / Saturday! If you enjoy my posts and would like to help keep my content AD free please donate whatever you can. Your donations will also help me to put more time aside for my YouTube channel. Please like,comment and subscribe for future updates.

Sketch ya later,

Squinty Andrea

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