illustrating a banner video blog

welcome back readers,
I wanted to give you all a step by step tutorial on how to I am creating my illustration. This post, however, is a behind the scenes of editing my video blog for my youtube channel.


Tools for creating content

If you are like me and you watch tones on Youtube, then you should know the advice most professional videographers give: “work with what you got!” I am starting my channel taking this advice to heart. The tools at my disposal are: and iPhone XS Max, a cheap monitor arm, and my computer an iMac pro-2015 with the program iMovie.

Editing video content in iMovie

I don’t think I need to go into detail about recording video on my iPhone, I didn’t change any of my video settings and I made sure my room had plenty of light because I was recording at night. (which is the best time for me to do my best creative work!) I like working in iMovie because a video novice like myself can easily maneuver through this program. The interface is straight forward and I don’t feel ashamed if I don’t understand something. I do own a more professional video editing program, ( Final cut pro) however I am not well traversed in that program.

iMovie interface

The easiest and most used part of the iMovie interface I use is the speed up and slow down functions. The original recorded video took an hour of constant filming. With the speed functions, I was able to shorten this video to under fifteen minutes.

SED Comics Youtube channel

This is only the first part of my mini-series on creating an illustration. when You watch the video I hope you will like comment and subscribe to our channel! There is a lot more work to come from me. I hope to collaberate on future projects with other artists I admire so stay tunned for whats to come.

Watch Episode 01 now

Until next time.. Sketch ya’ later!

Squinty Andrea

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