Illustrating a banner art part two

Welcome back readers,

I’m back once again to discuss my creative process for illustrating a banner! In this week’s post I wanted to show you all the transfer process.

Transfer process

The poster I want to transfer to is 11×14 and my sketchbook is a standard 8×11, I need to start by scaling this drawing up.

In Order to begin scaling up my art-work I first begin with a grid on top of the original artwork. In the old days this envolved a light box and a piece of tracing paper. Technology had streamlined this process and helped me with skipping several steps!

With my iPad I scan in the sketch , then within the procreate app, I create a new layer. Within the new layer I can create the grid.

Then on my 11×14 page I must create the same amount of grid cells with the same ratio. Figuring out the ratio does involve a little math. For the purposes of this demonstration I am only using a four part grid, very simple , the way I like it. If I were creating a more complex composition like a portrait; I would use a more complex grid system. This transfer is simpler only because I have an idea of which concepts to transfer.

Youtube video

In part two of my video I will transfer the drawing, ink, and start the coloring process. I hope to have this illustration finished at the time of upload. Stay tuned to my social media feed mostly instagram . Instagram is where I plan to post my daily artwork first, any finished work I will post in my deviant art account from now on. In my blog posts I want to share any major projects and tutorials. Stay tuned for more content to come.

Now is the time to say goodbye for one week. Next Saturday I will post the part two summing up this project. Please support this creator by subscribing to our Youtube channel and like, comment, and share on the platform.

Until next week sketch ya’ later,

Squinty Andrea

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