graphic design challenge: T-shirt design

welcome back friends,

I am currently working on growing my business from home in my spare time. My goal is to make enough money from drawing (as a business) to pay off my spare room as rent. which I think would be around 250$ per month. with that goal in mind I need to create content for an income. Recently I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos on screen printing and simple at home screen printing techniques. Within this blog posts I want to share a design that I want to grow from concept to a cute T-shirt logo design.


t-shirt logo design

I start off with three main sketch ideas.I used the concepts app to sketch out these main ideas. I like to use this app for layout my ideas and lay-out the concepts before moving to a more layer centric app like procreate or infinity designer.  I think as my first ever screen print I want to start off as simple as possible. I am starting witn the first drawing of the cat head with scarf.

Color pallet

 Next identify the main colors for this shirt. I pull the design from the concepts app into affinity designer and create the vector art. At this point I am wondering how many colors I should use. I am still figuring out the rainbow for the glasses. So far colors for this pallet include: black, pink,red in the bandana. Rainbow colors red, yellow and blue? Let me know in the comments what you think how you think the rainbow should play out? I hope to move on to the next stage printing the shirt early next week.

Next week

Next week I will post my process of printing this design on a T-shirt. This is my very first time printing my own design on a T and if any of you have any pointers please give them in the comments below. Either way we may be learning as we go! See you all next Saturday with a new post.

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Until next time…

Sketch ya’ later.

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