Character Design back to basics…

Hello reader,

I was on a writer’s hiatus for the past month and a half but now I’m back with some more stuff that I have been working on. I have been getting back to the roots of creating a comic and animation via instagram. My current project is a comic that I want to post to instagram but also create a short animation for my YouTube channel based off those comic story boards.

Story: Andrea and the Bear.

Story and art by: AUW

I haven’t finished the story boards for this story yet. This story is simple because I plan to loosely base this story on my fiancée and I. This mini comic is a work in progress…

stay tuned to my instagram for regular updates.

Character design 101

When coming up with the characters I first had to think of the story and the cast of characters for the first couple of stories.

The Bear: this is my fiancée and the character called “bear”. When creating this character I wrestled with either making his character an actual bear or this human bear hybrid. This developed the discoloration between the face and the nose. I did this to give him the semi animal snout without giving him a lined nose.

Posted to my SED Comics Instagram Account

For the female lead “Andrea” AKA myself, I wanted a cute character without lines. I will take these characters, which I am exploring using an APP called : Concepts (Which I have the full version of), and I will develop it further in Adobe Illustrator.

Concepts APP infinite canvas
Created using Concepts APP

The concepts APP gives me an infinite canvas which allows me to explore the entire concept and I don’t need to switch between windows. It is very much like having your sketch book laying in front of you and not flipping pages. This APP is great for developing ideas and hashing out my ideas. My next step I will create some vector art which I will use as part of my assets for creating the flash animation.

Next time: I want to share with you all my current anime watch list and I want to illustrate one of my favorite currently watched Anime. Super excited!!

Until next time…

Sketch ya’ later,

Squinty Andrea


***Updates regularly every Saturday. ***

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